Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guide: Shopping Cart Hero!

Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

Whee! Shopping car(t)s!

Monday's challenge is up again, this time on Shopping Cart Hero created by MonkeyWantBanana. Scoring 2,000 points in one run will reward you the Mindreader's Chalice.

Didn't Tasselfoot talk about this? Yes, he did. Read the instructions, he said.

The game pretty much explains the controls, but here they are again:
Right arrow to run, Up to get in, Up to jump.
Oh, and I hope you don't do a face plant, as that will cause you to get 0.10x points and kill your friends if you have any on the shopping cart.

Mindreader's Chalice: Score 2,000 points in a single jump.
Dropping Loads Badge (easy – 5 points): Load your cart up with 3 groupies, then crash to the ground.
Going the Distance Badge (medium – 15 points): Travel a distance of 600.
Rocking a Rhyme That's Right on Time Badge (hard – 30 points): It's tricky! Score 1800 trick points in a single jump.

The Guide:

This guide will reveal all the achievements, and how to get them.

Well, first of all, you need money. Take some speed, jump in the cart, get to the ramp, jump, hope that you will go far. Oh, and don't do a face plant.

Then, you should have some money now. If you run out of money, or can't afford anything said in this guide, complete some more runs. You should buy the round wheels followed by metal wheels. This will get you a nice speed. Don't worry about the racing wheels yet.

Now, get some money for the rockets. First, buy the one rocket. Don't worry, it's not actually one-time use, it's always for you until you buy the twin-rockets or that big crazy rocket. When you have some money for the twin rockets, buy them. The rockets will launch itselfs during the run, so you don't have to worry about it. For a little bit of extra cash, try doing a backflip or frontflip by pressing the arrow keys left or right. Beware, this is where the highest chance of faceplanting is. After that, buy the racing wheels.

What about the groupies? You don't need them yet, I suggest buying them the last, as there is a chance that you fail and your guys will die, wasting your money. Get some money and buy the new trick, Superman. To activate it, press Up + Left and hold down the Down with the arrow keys. This will make your stickfigure go into a Superman position, earning you extra cash. You can also combine this with flips, earning you even more cash. To stop this trick, just simply let the down key off.

Now, there are two options:

1. Do tricks, fly far and earn cash until you have $5,000 for the big insane rocket.

2. Buy the new trick, Handstand, earning you a little bit more money than Superman. Press Up + Up and hold down Down to activate, release down to stop doing the trick.

Do which ever you like, as each run at this point should bring you around $1,500 money.

After all, buy the big rocket upgrade and the handstand when you have money for both of them. When you get the big rocket, you should have earned your medium badge.

NOTICE: When you buy the big rocket, the controlling can be a little bit difficult. Like the game says, it's not safe. People also want me to notice that when you have the big rocket, if you want to fly far, you should always point your rocket left, so you will get boost to the right. If you're backflipping, it will slow down you due the rocket power.

Now, groupies! No, they don't give any group hugs to anyone. No, they don't kill you. But you kill them. They earn you extra cash. Now this is the most important thing: DO NOT face plant! It will kill your groupies. Buying the groupie, then upgrading to two groupies, and the last to a full harem, will most likely unlock you the card at this point. If you are really good and do awesome tricks, you can even earn the hard badge.

Hint: Get a full harem, and launch your rocket so it points to down, making you fly super high, giving you alot of time doing handstands and easier 1800 trick points.

Congrats! You just won the Mindreader's Chalice!

Thank you for reading this guide. This guide was bought to you by Juze. Happy gaming moments at Kongregate! :)

But hey, there's just one more thing to do! The easy badge! This is very simple: Buy the full harem, face plant! Watch the blood coming, and yays! 5 points for you! It's a total of 51 points, 50 by completing all the badges, and 1 for rating the game!

Short review of this game: I gave this game my self 5/5 stars, it is pretty hilarious, like "Don't Ship Your Pants". Yes, I said "ship". I don't want to swear. You know what game I mean. :)


JaumeBG said...

Really helpful guide. After read, it is very useful in game. And now, I'll try to get the badges >:-)

hokage4354 said...

I suggest, rather than editing in stuff, you organize the post into sections.

Anonymous said...

@ Hokage: Hm, does it look a little bit better right now? And I have saw that the guide was missing the section for the racing wheels, added them.

Anonymous said...

How do you do superman? I tried pressing up-left-down and I also tried pressing up and left at the same time, and holding down, and pressing them all at the same time.

hipcheck said...

you press up then left then down and hold down.

Anonymous said...

Do you press up and left at the same time or what?