Monday, March 2, 2009

The Halo Wars Challenge got changed.

Some of you may have noticed, but the way you acquire the Halo Wars Sweepstakes ticket got dramatically changed. The original requirement was to complete the secret level in Battalion: Nemesis. From the many complaints about the difficulty of this task, it was changed to a fairly easy requirement of killing 30 enemies. I'm sure I don't need to post a guide on this, but if you need any help in general then you could refer to the many other guides on the internet, or the original secret battle guide I posted. Kills in the secret challenge are counted for the sweepstakes.

Disclaimer: Completing this new challenge in addition to the original doesn't give you 2 entries or tickets into the contest.

EDIT: I was wrong, here's a quote of what greg said.

There was a communication error with Microsoft regarding this challenge, and we were apparently not supposed to use the image of Master Chief within the game. We were asked to remove the bonus level immediately.

Since the challenge requires finishing this level to earn the ticket, the challenge task was therefore changed to 30 kills so that people can still earn the challenge if they were putting it off until today. You cannot earn the ticket twice if you’ve already earned it.

I apologize for the confusion regarding this matter, but it was not changed due to player feedback.

Edit 2: Challenge extended for 4 more days.

The original challenge is also back.

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