Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Halo Wars Challenge

"Finish the Fight!"
The Halo Wars Sweepstakes is hosted in the game Battalion: Nemesis. Along with the sweepstakes, there's a hidden point challenge which is worth 10 pts.

The way to accomplishing the 10 pt hidden challenge is to play any stage (preferably the first tutorial) and completing it. After you complete it you will get the 10 pts, and a challenge will appear-accept it. The best way to win in this challenge is to camp in the mountains towards the top left part of the stage, and wait for your enemies to come to you. After you complete this little battle, the ticket is yours!
- Send troops to upper left mountains ASAP.
- When a spartan's health turn red, send him to the shore zone, directly above the mountains, to heal.
-When fighting, let the enemies come to you. Wait in the mountains for a chance to strike.
-Direct ALL forces to anybody on your base trying to capture it.
Video walkthough by Tasslefoot:


Nelson said...

The first time I attempted the bonus map, I failed. Is there a way to re-play it?

hipcheck said...

On the bottom of the main menu there is a button that allows you to replay the secret level once you have unlocked it

Biologia said...

I won the secret mission but they didnt give me the ticket...

hokage4354 said...

I've experienced that problem before.

You should (for now) take a screenshot of the statistics screen after you win, and submit it as a "Missing achievement."