Thursday, February 26, 2009


Dinowaurs is an online multiplayer game in which you are a dinosaur decorated your way and in match you have to kill the opposite dinosaur to win.

Here you can make a new dino or edit it. You can also see your stats and your awards.

If you don't completely understand the game or need help with something else go here. There are three tutorials which are "Controls", "Mechanics" and "Practice duel".

Dressing room
Here you can edit your dino and put the equipment you want it to have. You can have suits, something on your tail, footwear, headgear and other miscellanous things.

Go here to change the game's default settings if your computer is slow or if you want the music quieter.

Here you can battle against other dinos across the internet.

Number - Name ---- Price to buy it ------ Price per shot
One. Cannon ---- 0 ----- 10
Two. S.A.M. ---- 300 ----- 40
Three. Castle ---- 300 ----- 40
Four. Cluster Bomb ---- 700 ----- 75
Five. Meteor Dish ---- 900 ----- 200
Six. Jetpack ---- 700 ---- 150
Seven. Law firm ---- 1500 ----- 125
Eight. U.S.S. ---- 1600 -----150
Nine. Flamethrower ---- 1500 ----- 150

In your villages you can buy weapons, heal yourself and change weapons.
You must attack your opponent's vilages by shooting it, then you can make it yours by pressing "E".

Unranked matches
You can play unranked if you just want to play for fun or to not lose any rating. You will not win DNA, stats or anything else.

Ranked matches
Here you play to get Kongregate's badges, to get DNA, stats...

More Dinowaurs
Go here for news, FAQ, comments, and other things about this game.

Show us your dino!
Leave me a comment with the link to an image of your dino and I'll put them here!
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Anonymous said...

nice job.

Anonymous said...

you need to change the price of the wepon and add the 3 different tiers. like if you go to your last base thing it costs less