Thursday, February 12, 2009

Poll Results: How often do you feel Loot challenges should occur?

Every two weeks.
48 (43%)
Once a month.
37 (33%)
Once every two months.
5 (4%)
Four times a year.
4 (3%)
Other. (Spefify)
3 (2%)

As you can see, the category with the most voites with "Every week." with 48 (43%) of the votes. In my opinion, every week will leave Kongregate bankrupt. If they spent $500 and up on challenges every week, I think they'd just be destroyed. The second most, "Once a month." was the category I voted in with 37 (33%) of the votes. Thanks for voting guys!

1 comment:

hipcheck said...

I also voted for once a month but I am not a greedy video game playin 13 year old either. JK.