Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mushroom Revolution Walkthrough

Well we all knew that this was getting badges and my friends MrRubix and Tasselfoot were ready for them here is a walkthrough by MrRubix.

Some tips from me:
1. Use only pure thunders upgraded to level 6 to actually beat levels
2. For the Tricks of the Truffle Badge see the complete combination list below
3. Spend the skill points you earn on free accessories in hopes to get the angel doll for double score

I will update a little later as I progress and do better.

And here is a video by Tasselfoot:



hipcheck said...

Wow hokage that was a real fast correction on that link.

JaumeBG said...

Nice guide there, the gem list is being very useful for me.
I have a few doubts that would help me:
- What's better: Loads of mushrooms OR, less mushrooms, but higher levels?
- What's better: Most accesories on 1 mushroom and combinations of gems, OR, gems and accesories divided evenly between all mushrooms?
Thanks, JaumeBG

hipcheck said...

Upgrading and fewer mushrooms is better. The most towers I've had is 5 so far and have gotten gold on the first 3 maps. Also pure towers normally work better esp when upgraded to level 6.