Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Games of "The Funny" Part 1

Let's face it. All of the big, badge-getting, heavy-duty games are very mainstream, and don't have those little 'tweaks' that make us laugh. (I'm not generalizing, there are of course some big games that do!) But behind the podium, behind the glossy cover-up there are a handful... pssshhh... a truckload of laugh-your-ass-off games.

Here are some of them:

Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket
billyfred. That should really be enough. Widely known as one of the funniest members on Kongregate, it turns out billyfred owns flash... and has made a couple of games, too! Yes, some bad, but others good. This game was good. Really good. The sense of humor of billyfred, mixed with the catchy and bohemian "Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket" song, this games makes it to the list of funnies games on Kongregate.

Super Ban Jude 1 & Super Ban Jude 2
Another case of an hysterical user making an hysterical game. Super Ban Jude is different, though. Besides just generally being funny, it pokes fun at many of the users on Kongregate... even admins! A gem, just like his other game "Let's Message Greg!".

Slug Designer 1 & 2

So maybe not the most "laugh-your-butt-off" game, but "Slug Designer" is definitely pretty clever, and definitely a fun little asset to play around with. Spawning more avatars than you can shake a slime-ridden stick at, "Slug Designer" and "Slug Designer 2" are up here in our Games of "The Funny" thread, and here to stay!

Tangerine Panic!

I know what you're whi-- saying, "But it got badges!!!!11! {insert whine here}". That's the thing, it got badges, yay! It's a good thing, really. Tangerine Panic is funny! You're a little stick-figure, running around dodging descending tangerines, yelling things like "OMG! WTF" and you LOVE it!

The Impossible Quiz 2
I almost puked when I saw how low "The Impossible Quiz 2"'s rating was. Okay, not so terrible, but I must say... The Impossible Quiz 2 is definitely a honking piece of buried treasure. I don't think I need to describe the humor of this quiz, it's apparent by even the loading screen. Made by Splapp, or Splapp-me-do (creator of many other amazing titles like "The Impossible Quiz 1", and "Badly Drawn Dawg"), Impossible Quiz 2 is... well... hilarious.

Stinky Bean Fling
Weasel, the famous creator of the Thing-Thing series takes his games to the next level, by making a gimmicky "fling game" for one of the minor characters in his series. Not really the most expected thing from Weasel, but hey... it's fun, weird, and maybe, just maybe... a giggle factory.

Clubby the Seal
Funny can also mean masochistic. This is shown in the game "Clubby the Seal" which follows the adventures of a seal seaking revenge on his frozen tundra home. Sick, twisted, and absolutely hilarious... Clubby the Seal is indeed one of the more 'nolstagia' scented games, having been around for quite a while. And yes... Kongregate was funny before you had an account!

So there you go! Part one of my Games of "The Funny" series! I hope you all enjoy playing through the awesome selection I've laid before you!

~ Marh (and yes... I said 'giggle factory' >_>)


Marh said...

So what do you guys think? Have any ideas for what games I could feature in the next 2?

By the way, I'll be spacing these out so they don't spam the blog or anything. Just 3 of them, of course... I plan the next one to be released in early March. (if you guys want me to continue, of course!)

hokage4354 said...

Ofcourse. Those are the best lulzy games out there. Not sure of which gams to feature in the next one though. =/

hipcheck said...

This is a great segment awesome job marh

Anonymous said...

You have an error in your post. The picture in The Impossible Quiz 2 is taken from TIQ1.

Marh said...
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