Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cell Warfare Review

Another Generic Header screenshot, yay!

Okay, today I'm going to be reviewing a relatively new game that some of you may have played, called Cell Warfare. In this game, you play a cell which can shoot out small spikes in any direction. Your ultimate goal is to wipe out all other cells that attack you by, of course, shooting them! This time the review comes with ten percent more bad puns! :D

Graphics: (8/10) -- Pretty generic graphics. The menus and animation are both spectacular, but the character and enemies are really lacking in design. They are just circles. I know since they are cells, not much detail can be added, but look what HeroInteractive did with the cells in Microbe Kombat. Although, the cells in this game do have a glossy effect which makes them at least not COMPLETELY bland, but I still had to take off a couple points.

Sound: (6/10) -- Not amazing by any means. The music is pretty good, but I never get to hear the music over the horrible exploding sound it makes whenever I destroy an enemy. No matter how small the enemy, it makes an annoying noise which is twice as loud as the music. And trust me, you'll be killing a lot of enemies in this game; On my first try I killed about five-hundred. =|

Gameplay: (8/10) -- Pretty awesome gameplay, actually. And the awesomeness doesn't directly lie in the gameplay itself, but rather the multitute of achievements and "badges" available to acquire for doing different things. It's actually a lot like Amorphous+. And I mean A LOT. I wouldn't be surprised if Amorphous+ provided the inspiration for this game. There are a few really suspicious similarities which show evidence that this could be true, one of the first I noticed was that the purple cells divided into smaller cells after being killed, just like the Clutter in Amorphous. Still, great gameplay.

Difficulty: (7/10) -- Pretty much the same difficutly as Amorphous+, but just a bit easier. There is the survival mode which gets progressively harder as you go on, and it does get pretty hard. There are legions, just like "nests" in Amorphous, which get pretty hard as well. But that's not why I gave this such a high difficulty rating. This rating is so high because, again, of all the achievements obtainable. They are a good challenge, and require quite a bit of time. Not nearly as much as Amorphous, though. (Just as a note, a perfect ten on this score does NOT mean the game is "uberhard" it means it has the perfect difficulty.)

Controls: (10/10) -- Mouse and WASD keys. Need I say more?

Overall, Cell Warfare is a great game if you enjoyed Amorphous+, or if you enjoy games with plenty to achieve. And for everyone else, it's still at least worth a test drive.

About those bad puns I promised.....

"This game really CELLd me over!" (Sell, Cell. *rimshot* *cricket chirp*)

Well, I guess I'm off to go destroy some killer cells! I'll be here all week, in case that pun didn't blind you enough!
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PlatinumIce said...

Yay the game got badges! :D

Anonymous said...

you forgat to say.. no lags at all!!

Haekos said...

Lil tip: if you can't manage to survive ten minutes in Survival mode you can just move around without killing any cell. The game won't become harder and you'll just have to avoid green , red and blue cells during ten minutes without any problem... Except the boredom... Pretty plain I know but well, I suck. :P

Anonymous said...

If you cannot survive ten minutes without killing then you definitely won't get the impossible badge