Friday, February 6, 2009

Death Dice Overdose

Death Dice Overdose is a funny little game where you have to collect all the Blue Pills as possible. Last as long as you can to get the maximum score you can to get badges or this weekly challenge card.

Basic controls:
Arrow Keys - Run or jump

Bathroom Cabinet Sampler (Easy 5 Pts.) 1,000 Pts.
Drugs Are Really Excellent (Hard 30 Pts.) 10,000 Pts.
Vanessa Voss (Card, playable at Kongai) 2,500 Pts.

Blue Pill: If you don't collect any you will die. The more you collect the better.
White Dice: You get 10 points for every White Dice you dodge, so dodge them.
White Man: This is your character.
Purple Box: Dodge these. If they touch you, you die.
Death Dice: Depending on which side the dice falls, you will get 3 Blue Pills, a spiked ball, etc.

Results of the Death Dice:
Spiked Ball: A Spiked Ball that goes through the screen from the left to the right which can kill you.
Explosion: A box that explodes after a few seconds of being on the ground. If you're close it'll kill you.
Extra Pills: From this box 3 to 5 pills will come out for your benefit.
Tornado: A Tornado will come out of this box, coming from the left of the screen. Thus can move you a bit but it doesn't kill you. It's jumpable.
Right Arrow: A lot of bullets are shot from left to right. You can dodge it by jumping.
Up Arrow: Makes you jump higher.


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