Friday, February 27, 2009

Bunny Invasion 2

Personally, I dig that. Wanna make out?
This game is the Last Stand with 60 levels of bunnies, shops, trophies, cutscenes, protecting the pub, and LOTS OF weapons.

Gameplay :( Unlike Last Stand 2 which at least feature a different tweak to its gameplay than just shooting zombies, this does not. While it is cool to kill bunnies and make PETA angry, the fun factor diminishes a lot. There are a variety of bunnies that do different attacks but they're slapdash copies of such enemies from other games, bad or good. The menus also are too flashy and they lag themselves. Its navigation in the menus are horrible and slow.

Graphics :/ There's nothing outstanding about the graphics. It's satisfactory but does not exceed that level.

Plot :( The obscene and ridiculous nature of the plot reminded me of Former President George W. Bush. Except for his vocabulary and grammar gaffes, the way he tells stories are similar to this. It copies Thing-Thing 4's disastrous plot into its own, therefore the plot is redundant and unnecessary.

Sound :( The only music they have is some random hip-hop music on the menu. During defending, Mr. Frost randomly says some random battle shouts with no music. At least, the guns have some sound effects.

Overall :( The game is terribly overrated. Storm the House 3 has much better features.


JaumeBG said...

I don't like the game. It's, as you said, very similar to Last Stand and the icon of the game didn't make me play the game 'til yesterday, I don't like it at all.

JudeMaverick said...

You still gotta give credit to the plot though.