Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hey everyone, hipcheck here with another random game. today I'll tell you a little about Idlekips. Idlekips is another of kongregate's idle games but with something to actually do. In Idlekips you have a character that you can change by using your points. You get a certain amount of points the first time you load up depending upon your kongregate user level and amount of points, but after every minute of idleing you get 10 points. You spend the points to buy accessories for your character to make him look awesome. Also there are 58 achievements to get in Idlekips. 10 have to do with levels and another 10 to do with points. Then there are 20 to do with how long you play Idlekips with one achievement being to play for a year XD. There are also 5 secrets in the game which are extremely hard to find but a lot of fun to try and figure out. This is a great game if you just want to chat on kongregate instead of actually having to play a game. Try it out and try to find all 5 secrets and let me know because even I haven't found all 5 yet :(.


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