Thursday, February 5, 2009

KCG Comic #3

I present to you-our third comic! Concept art by hipcheck, this one is based off of the popular Kongregate game "Vector Runner", and the impossible badge of getting 30k points without getting hit once. Hipcheck just asked if I could revive his doodle, and this was the result.



hipcheck said...

Wow it turned out better than I thought. Thanks a lot for doing that.

hokage4354 said...

No problem- just doing my job.

hipcheck said...

We really need to get another cartoonist because I really love these.

JaumeBG said...

Yeah, I really like the comics too, it'd be nice to have more cartoonists, as you say, hipcheck, and maybe 1 comic per week or per month. Really nice comics, they're funny.