Monday, March 2, 2009

Globetrotter XL

*gasp* Did I just post a miniature map that links back to a larger one which could possible help you get the badges for this game? I give you my sincere apology. :o

Ahh, learning! Something many Americans apparently don't want to do. Well, tough luck, because with this game, the only way you'll get good if by memorizing where the countries are; by playing over and over, taking note of the country's location after the each round.
Strategies and Tips:
List of Cities.
Easy Badge: You'll need to score 1k points for this badge, which is pretty easy being that it's possible to get this purely off of the first level. You should be able to get this one within 5 tries if you have some basic geography knowledge, and within 10 if you haven't really studied it too well. Not much to say about this badge, other than don't give up right away. It's easy once you get into full swing with playing this game.
Medium Badge: This one requires a bit more time and patience. You need to make it to level 5, not needing to pass it, to acquire this achievement. Similar to the first, you need to play the game multiple times, maybe more than an hour, paying attention to the location of the more difficult to know countries, such as "Yemen" "Quinea" "Uzbekistan" or even "Cambodia".
Hard Badge: Impossible for those that don't pay attention to the countries. This badge requires you to beat level 10 and get a strike. Amazingly, I found getting a strike far easier as for the fact that many popular American cities were thrown in, giving me the edge. As for getting to level 10, it's the same thing as mentioned before; memorizing countries and playing for long periods of time.

Overall Tips:
- Memorize the more difficult countries, as they do repeat.
- Use Google to get yourself at least the medium badge. This doesn't work later on, since eventually you only have 4 seconds to click on the map.
- If you at least click somewhere within the country, you'll easily get the easy and medium badges.

Rant: Can you guys please stop posting cruel comments and/or rating this 1 star just because you suck at geography? It says in the challenge description, that this challenge has to do with learning. Even in the game description is says that you'll be learning geography. Many of those " not ugly Americans" who have all of the badges played many times before they beat it. Don't be a sore loser, and comment "this game suz 1/5" upon failing.

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deftonesjunkie3 said...

thanks for the map - this should help refresh my memory for all those african countries i've forgotten since hs geography!