Friday, March 6, 2009

Review - Exorbis 2

Getting tired of these generic headers? Me too.

The game I'm gonna be reviewing today is Exorbis 2. It's one of the BEST puzzlers on Kongregate. That SHOULD be the end of the review right now, seeing as it's just too awesome to miss, but since this is supposed to be a full-length review, I guess I've gotta elaborate. :/

Do you like puzzle games? How about level creators? Do you like games to have tons of levels (I dunno, like one hundred?)? Do you like games to give you reasons to come back to the levels you've already completed? (I dunno, maybe an ace system of some sort?) Do you like to live? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, Exorbis 2 is right for you. (This review comes with 10% more rhymes and half the fat of a regular review)

Anyway, Exorbis 2 is developer editundo's latest game. "editundo" brought us Flash Games such as Jumpcat and Rocketcat, so you know this game's gotta be quality. (Man, I'm starting to sound like the guy who advertises ShamWow.) Exorbis 2 is a fairly unique puzzle game, in which you press arrows in order to slide circles on top of switches that are the same color. It may sound like a simple concept, and you might think you're a master while playing through the first couple levels, but believe me: It gets a LOT harder. Levels range from being able to be completed in two or three moves, to the lowest amount being something like twenty-five. Oh, and yes, Exorbis has an "ace" system similar to Pyro's. If you beat all the levels in a row with an "ace" score, you unlock a bonus level for that row, which is significantly difficult.

If you do take a liking to this game, you will truly never get bored. This game is packed with 110 levels for the main game (100 initial levels, + 10 bonus levels unlocked by acing.). But no, after you finally get done with that, you're still nowhere near at the end of this wonderful tunnel. Exorbis also comes packaged with a level editor, in which you can make your own levels, share, and play others' levels.

If I had to pick a weak point for this game, it would be the music. It's horribly repetitive, but thankfully the developer included a mute button.

Now it's time for everyone's favorite part: The graphics. Excellent. They are just virtually flawless. And it's not just the basic graphics presented in the game which make it great. You can turn on the special effects, which are great, and don't lag your computer at all. In addition to having the special effects, Exorbis even has a mode for color-blind people! If those aren't accesible graphics options, I don' know what is.

Overall, Exorbis is a very long puzzle game, which will draw you back over and over again. It's very simplistic in design, yet surprisingly challenging in the later levels.

Final Verdict: Definite 5/5, favorite. Seriously, go play it. I'd also be willing to bet money this game's gonna get badges sometime or another. :)

Play Exorbis 2 here!


JaumeBG said...

I made a generic header too in the Bible Fight entry D: . Nice review there.

deftonesjunkie3 said...

nice review, PI. perhaps i'm a bit biased since i love puzzle games so much, but i have to agree with all of your points you made. i find it unfortunate that it isn't rated higher on kong.

Scott said...

Hi, I'm Scott, otherwise known as editundo. Thanks for the great review! I'm glad to see you loved the game so much! It's a relief to see that two years of work paid off. I can't take all the credit though, the majority of the levels were designed by AcidDICA who worked really hard.

I'm currently planning for a potential Exorbis 3... but it'll clearly be difficult to follow up 2 and please all the fans!