Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shore Siege! Walkthrough

This walkthrough will get you all three badges for Shore Siege!

The only things that you buy are:
Upgrade Nail
Upgrade Flame
Research Artillery

Make sure no one gets through to your ship you need all the money.

Day 1: Play normally killing all on the screen. Buy nothing
Day 2: Get used to the birds, they will come in handy. Research Artillery
Day 3: Play normal using birds when you can. Repair Ship
Day 4: Play normally. Upgrade Flame
Day 5: Play normally. Repair Ship
Day 6: Use birds on Behemoths when you can. Repair Ship, Upgrade Nail
Day 7: Use birds again. Repair twice
Day 8: Play normally. Repair Ship
Day 9: Play normally. Repair Ship
Day 1o: Play normally. Repair Ship twice
Day 11: Play normally. Repair Ship and you're done.

That is how it's done folks. I even did it witout upgrading the Nail. You can vary things up your way as well. There is quite a bit of lee-way here. Enjoy your 50 points and your Juju card. I did not get the card until my second game after killing about 10 people so just keep on playing for the card.



hokage4354 said...

Darn, you beat me to it! ;D

Niels said...

The game is partly luck. It depends on how many natives spawn. It was not until my 5th game that enough natives have spawned for enough money.

hokage4354 said...

I added an image for you.

hipcheck said...

Thank you I was getting around to that. Darn you beat me to that.

Anonymous said...

This works for real: complete the game in one day on the upgrade menu keep pressing tab until you get to the repair ship button. then press enter until it repairs completely you will go into minus money!

Sabercow said...

Oooh i might try that. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the advice. My 2 cents: What I actually did was upgrade the drop rather than the flame because i can use the artillery on the shmallows but not on the flame guys. ^_^