Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Review Subject -- Incredibots

As promised, I'm going to try and make up for the week I didn't get post anything. [I got the assignment done, feels good to have that off my back] And now I have a full-length review to make up for that skimpy one I posted last Friday.

Alright, did you like Fantastic Contraption? Thought it was good? Well, recently, a game very similar to Fantastic Contraption, Incredibots, was uploaded to Kongregate. Incredibots is basically an enhanced version of Fantastic Contraption, with so much more than Fantastic Contraption had. In this game, you can draw your own shapes (Circle, Rectangle, Triangle. You choose the size.) instead of just drawing lines and circles. Not to mention the joints, the sandbox modes, the challenges...The list just goes on!

First, the graphics. They aren't the best. As good as the game is, the graphics look like they were drawn in MSPaint. (Not that awesome things can be made there...) Still, the graphics aren't "bad". Just bland, is all. Graphics aren't everything, though, right?

Next, sound. There's no sound in the game. It's as simple as that. Don't let that discourage you from playing it, though. It's still an amazing game. I think the game is better off without music anyway, as it's more of a relaxed game, and not a fast paced one. Maybe some calming music would have been nice, but it's good the way it is.

The Difficulty. Very, very hard. You have the first eight levels that serve as a tutorial, then you have the nine different challenges, each with three difficulty levels. Each challenge requires you to think in a different way, and they take quite some time.

Originality is pretty good. I've only seen a handful of Flash Games like this, and actually, the only two I can name off the top of my head are Fantastic Contraption and Incredibots.

The controls near perfection. Entirely mouse. The only time you use anything other than the mouse is if you are typing in numbers to change the colors of your shapes, or to highlight multiple shapes. Mouse control = Good control.

My last point, the gameplay, is the game's strongest point. In addition to those challenges and eight basic levels I talked about earlier, you have the sandbox mode. This mode is your blank canvas, and there are infinite possibilities. You can make everything from Rube Goldberg machines, to home movies, to interactive games, or maybe just simple rolling machine, it's all up to you! That's not even half of it, though. In addition to making your own bots, you can load other people's bots, and beat levels they create, play minigames created, ride around as a really intricately designed bot, or pretty much anything else you can think of! Also, you can save and upload your replays of epic moments, such as a really high jump, or "A barrel roll" ;D

So basically, as a conclusion, this game's got endless possibilities, enough challenge to keep you busy for days, awesome physics, and great sharing capabilities. It's a really awesome game, and I fail to see why it's rating is as low as it is. (It should be in top 3 puzzle games. :/) So if you haven't played it already, give it a whirl!

PS: Sorry 'bout the horribly long review. X_X


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