Friday, November 14, 2008


Sorry about the late post guys, it's been a really hectic week for me.  I'm posting these on fridays now instead of wednesdays because Greg has suddenly turned unpredictable with how he's releasing cards :/

HP: 85
Physical Defense: 10
Light Defense: 0
Dark Defense: 0
Innate Ability: Enemy can't crit on Onimaru

(please ignore what the image to the right says on onimaru, because those stats are way out of date)

General Use:

Onimaru is a fairly strong character with some weak buffs.  He's somewhat vulnerable to range-dancers like Andromeda and Phoebe.  However, if he manages to work around his disadvantages, he can seriously kick ass.  Double slash deals out 26x2 damage for 40 or 35 energy, depending on if you're using a scroll or not.  Sword flurry is great against opponents with low physical defense or enemies that you used ancestral curse on.  Onimaru's buffs, like I said, are not that great, since they are one of the few buffs with a 90% chance of success and they're usually not worth their cost.  However, they do give Onimaru something to do if he's stuck at long range.

Suggested Items:

Scroll of Inner Focus:  Onimaru's worst enemies are characters that have way better energy efficiency.  The Scroll of Inner Focus really helps the situation and lets him move in close and do two double slashes.
Mindreader's Chalice:  26x2 damage with a chance to disable range-changing can do serious damage.  His moves are somewhat expensive as well, so enemies might want to switch out to drain Onimaru's energy.
Flash Powder:  Yes, Flash Powder.  It's pretty likely that Onimaru will get stuck fighting against some very bad matchups such as Cornelius or Andromeda, so Flash Powder will let him switch without taking any damage at all.

Notable Matchups:

vs Vanessa Voss:  Voss is one of the most popular characters out there today.  She's fragile, however, and her moves can't really hurt Onimaru that much.  You'd definitely still need to make sure there's no other character that can really hurt Onimaru before you send him in, however.
vs Cornelius:  This could possibly be one of the most lopsided matchups in all of Kongai.  When Cornelius uses Blood Burn once, Onimaru's Sword flurry does no damage, and must use Double Slash, which can be deflected by Hypnotic Stare.  Ancestral Curse doesn't work because of Cornelius's innate ability, and using Ancestral Spirit doesn't help much because Voidstream reduces dark defense by 2 every time it hits.

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