Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Site Updates!

I have done a few updates to the site this evening. The first I would like to point out, is the small site description next to the "Latest Badge" section. This is just a small update so people visiting the site know what the site is about.

The second update is the job openings section. This will be updates weekly to let you guys know which job positions are open. There are currently two guide writing positions open, one interviewer, and one comic creator. If you're interested in any of these jobs, feel free to contact either me or hipcheck.
Lastly, I updated the first two KCG comics created by salsajoe. I fixed some of the graphics in the first one, and the spelling error in the second.

That's the only updates I have for now, good night everyone!



hipcheck said...

Hoping to see some knew names on KCG in a week or two.

hipcheck said...

Or sooner hopefully