Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review: SHIFT 3

SHIFT 3 can be found Here!

Audio:Nice music, definitely the SHIFT mood music although it wasn't that clear.

Graphics:The graphics in SHIFT are simple, but anything that's not black or white still looks good.

Gameplay:I have always been a fan of the SHIFT series, and SHIFT 3 still has it's great gameplay as always. Only now there's a twist, and it just so happens that that twist has some funky hair.

Originality:SHIFT 3 is still one of a kind.

Difficulty:This is a fairly easy game if you love puzzle type games like I do. You can earn all of the achievements for SHIFT 3 in under an hour.

Overall: 4.2 A totally awesome game!

Tips:Think about where you are, and where you have to get for each level. It shouldn't take too long before you figure out what to do.

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