Sunday, November 9, 2008

Review -- Shore Siege!

While looking through the thousands of games to review, I looked on Kongregate's homepage, and one of my favorites, Shore Siege, had been uploaded. I just had to review this one. Well, let's skip the rest of the introductory stuff and get straight to the review, shall we?

Graphics: (10/10) - I honestly could not ask for more out of the developer in terms of graphics. The game features simplistic graphics, with a pixel-y background. The enemies and foreground are also simple, yet fantastic; The graphics in this game are just perfection.

Gameplay: (9/10) - I love the great gameplay present in this game, I couldn't ask for much more. All you have to do is pick up the tool used to kill the enemy (You are responsible for remembering which tool kills which enemy) and then click the enemy you are killing. Then, head to the upgrade shop. Sweet, sweet upgrades. Sometimes, simplicity is the best thing.

Controls: (10/10) - Anything that only uses the mouse is a bonus for me, as I love being able to play a game easily, without having to sit in front of the computer, careful to watch which button I press and when. As stated above: Simplicity is great.

Sound: (8/10) - Not the best sound I've heard in a Flash Game, but pretty good nontheless. During the day (When the action takes place) there's some relaxing and more calm music, while in the upgrade shop, there's some more dramatic music present.

Originality: (7/10) - Definately not the first "Use correct item on enemy to kill it" game, but I do like the creativity presented with the ability to hire snipers, upgrade your weapons, and gradually heal your ship to win the game, or just never heal it and let it go on forever.

Difficulty: (6/10) - At the beginning of the game, it's rediculously easy. Too easy. As you get farther in the game, and more enemies are introduced, it gradually gets harder, until you find yourself frantically clicking, releasing, and scrambling to find the next weapon needed. (Especially if you don't upgrade your weapons ASAP :P)

Replayability: (4/10) - By no means is this game replayable. It's very fun the first time around, but when you come to play it again, it just seems a bit dull.

Overall Score: (54/70) -->(Approx. 77/100)
FINAL SCORE (not an average): 5/5

NOTES: Even though the difficulty and replayability drug this games rating out of 100 down, I still gave it a 5/5, because it's just really fun to play. If you haven't already, PLAY. IT. NOW.



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