Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kongregate's Most Wanted (Badges that is...)

Hey, AbusedZebra here. I've done some research, and these are the games that Kongregate wanted to have badges the most. I believe most of them have API so, Greg if you're reading this, give the people what they want!

Pixel: by agame

This is a game that I would've chosen. Pixel is a game in which you control your ship to shoot all kinds of baddies. Every time you shoot, you lose HP. Doesn't sound very fun does it? But wait, every time you kill an enemy they release colored pixels everywhere. When you collect these tiny little pixels, they shoot at your enemies and give you more HP. This game starts out relatively easy at first, but as you progress towards the end it gets harder. As you do better in the game, you can unlock new ships that do different things. This is definitely one of my favorite games.

Run Elephant Run: by ArmorGames (jmtb02)

Run Elephant Run is a fun little game where you are an elephant on a journey from Hollywood to Africa to find your wife. Playing on easy mode will make you feel like a pro at the game, but a you progress to insane mode you will want to smash the keyboard in anger. This is the game you you if you like a challenge.

Tower of Greed: by EpicShadow

In Tower of Greed you are an um... well I don't know what you are. You are trying to escape the Tower of Greed while getting as much loot as possible. There are two modes in the game: Arcade and Survival. It is always different, so you can keep playing it over and over again and not get bored. This is a really fun game to play when you have some time to kill. I, for one, am addicted to the music.

Rabbit Wants Cake: by ArmorGames (jmtb02)

In this quite fun and original game you help the little rabbit get cake. It already sounds fun, doesn't it? You have to record your actions without really seeing where your walking session ends. Some levels are quite difficult. There is a lot of trial and error in this game, so I hope you have patience. After completing a level you get a funny little comment. It's just some extra motivation for you to keep on getting that cake.

Little Wheel: by fastgames

The robotic city has lost all power after a disaster in the main power generator. It is now 10,000 years later. You are a robot brought back to life by a lightning strike. Your mission is to bring the city back to life. During your quest to do so, you encounter a wide variety of puzzles. If you're looking to try a game that is different from the rest, play Little Wheel!

Red Remover: by TheGameHomepage

Red Remover was the game that badges were wanted the most on. In this game you have to knock all of the red shapes off of the level while keeping all of the lovely green shapes from falling. There is also blue shapes, but it doesn't matter if they stay or not. But wait, that's not it. There is also four planes of gravity. the way that the shape's face is pointed is the way it will fall. This makes it tricky occasionally. This is a highly recommended game to play if you haven't already.

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SuperGiantsFan said...

Wow that really came out well Zebra! Great job! This may just help.

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AbusedZebra said...

Thanks! What's up with all of the removed comments?

SuperGiantsFan said...

My one comment posted 4 times... XD

AbusedZebra said...

Red Remover got badges! Yay!

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