Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An EXPLOSIVE Review of "Fragger"

Yup, yet another title pun. Oh, and this one comes with a review, too!
Amongst all the other great games that have been released recently, (Epic War 3, How to Raise a Dragon, UPGRADE COMPLETE!, and MoneySeize) you may or may not have noticed the little shining gem that has been jumping up the leaderboards: Fragger.

Fragger is a physics-based puzzle game, which, is a bit like the hit game Pyro, released last December. In Fragger, you play a grenade hurling, baddie busting, secret agent guy. As the name would imply, the game revolves around tossing fragmentation grenades at enemies with funny faces. Your goal here is to eliminate all the enemies on screen wth grenades, but you only have a limited amount per level. Oh, and when I say the enemies have funny faces, they really do.

Hilarious, aren't they?

In all, Fragger has thirty levels to offer, three different difficulties to run through (You start beating the game on Normal, then unlock Hard, and finally Elite), eleven in-game achievements to acquire, perks to obtain after every difficulty cleared, dozens and dozens of clueless enemies, and at least a couple hours of great Fragging fun!

The gameplay, in a nutshell, is great. I didn't get bored at all whilst playing, and I was motivated enough to clear the game on all three difficulties. (Which says something, I hardly ever go back and play through a game more than once.) You'll always be having fun while playing this game, but there are a couple minor flaws. One of the most realized ones is that after you throw the grenade, it doesn't detonate until it stops rolling. The physics in the game are weird in the sense that the grenade will roll a really good while on flat ground. So, after you throw the grenade, you have to wait for it to stop rolling, then wait the second or two for it to explode. Then you get to toss another. While this flaw isn't game-destroying, it is a minor annoyance.
I played Fragger for a long while with the sound turned off. Recently, a bit before starting this review, I listened to what Fragger had to offer in terms of sound. It wasn't much. Fragger has no music (that I heard, I only played through a few levels with sound on), but it does have good sound effects. As you know, every sound effect gets grating after hearing it hundreds of times. The same goes for Fragger's sound effects. I was already annoyed after hearing the click of the grenade pin being pulled for the 30th time. Really, if you do decide to play Fragger, keep the sound down.

One of the numerous great things Fragger has to offer is the graphics. It has a great visual style that, while being 'cartoony', also has an appeal unlike most other games. It has very colorful visuals, and while the game IS violent, it's almost cute enough to make you forget that you are blowing chunks of evil henchmen against walls with grenades.

Fragger is a pretty easy game, especially on Normal mode. The only levels I found myself stuck on for more than a few tries were the last two. On hard mode, I was only challenged by a few levels, and that was because they give you less grenades to hurl in Hard mode. However, in Elite mode I was challenged a good bit, because they give you the bare minimum amount of grenades you can complete the level with, on most levels. Even so, it wasn't that hard.

As a summary, Fragger is a game that has simplistic gameplay, but is highly addicting and will keep you coming back for at least one more playthrough. It has a lot to offer, with all of it's modes and achievements. The graphics are very cute and 'cartoonish' but they are very appealing and I came to love it's style. The sound is one of Fragger's low points, with only a few sound effects to quench your music-thirst. The game is hard enough to keep you trying on a few more levels, but I never got frustrated enough to quit, and I kept playing through the game three times.

What are you waiting for? Go play Fragger, it's a great game and deserves some more views!

Walkthrough: here



On another note, sorry about not posting anything in quite a while (Now that I think about it, a month or so.). I've been gone on vacation with my extended family, with little to no internet access. I'll try to post a few things to make up for my absence. :)