Thursday, November 6, 2008

Interview with Ivory!

Here's the interview with Ivory (Storm the House I, II, III)!

Where did I learn actionscript? I was taught a bit about flash back in 2003 I think, sophomore year in high school and I absolutely hated it. It was because of the teacher I had at the time though. You just have to have the right teacher otherwise learning stuff like that becomes hell. Once I got out of school for summer vacation, I started teaching myself, with the help of google and some friends. So I've just been dinking around with it since then, picking up new tricks and things.

I got the inspiration for storm the house from an old game called defend the castle. I admit to ripping off the idea in the about section of storm the house 2. It initially started off as a project to just see if I knew enough about actionscript to make a game, so I decided to do a defense game like that. Somehow it took off, so how after a few years I've made a third one. Hopefully I'd like to keep storm the house going for a while, just because so many people seem to get into it.

I've been working on it with help from a friend ( who did most of the animation. That took a huge load off, especially since he took so much time to rotoscope them all by hand. Though up until number 3 I've been making them alone.
The game actually took far longer to make than I'd thought, maybe 3 or 4 months. Just because I've got more grown up stuff to do now unlike the good old days when I could sit in my parents basement in the dark and stay up till sunrise coding.

I've been addicted to Sonny lately. I'm a gunslinger :-) N was one of the most brilliant games I've ever played. I played N to death. Tower defense games are more addictive than crack. No guarantees, but I'd like to make a tower defense game of my own soon ;-) flOw was very pretty... lots of fun games out there.

I love the community on kongregate. The fact that there's a chat room there on the side makes it so funny to sit and play games while you talk to other people who are bored and playing flash games too. I've been in on lots of funny conversations there. Plus it's always cool to talk to someone who's played one of my games. The guy who made ether war (kajenx) and I have been getting together in the chat room dystopia every monday and we've been trying to get other developers to join in. Who knows, maybe it will turn into an event. I like Kong. The sens of community does wonder's for a developer's ego.
Good questions.

Thanks Ivory!

NOTE: The questions are pretty much the same as I asked MrJinx, if you want to know exactly what i asked.

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great interview, but can you put the questions that you asked into the article? kthnxbai :D