Friday, September 19, 2008

Kaleidoscope Reef walktrough

Hi guys! This is my first walktrough! And the game is:

Kaleidoscope Reef!

Now many of you have played Anika's Odyssey a well made game by Trickysheep. Now he made another fantastic game.

The first part:
Now in the beginning you must drag plankton* to one of the three rocks, make sure the plankton stands up like a real flower. Drag polyps** to the planktons to make it to a beatiful sea plant! Blue polyps for blue planktons, red for red and yellow for yellow. Easy, huh? The level will be done when the meter gets full. And if you drag a yellow polyps to a red plankton it will not turn into a sea plant. Keep creating sea plants and watch out for dangerous fishs. (*Plankton is those flower looking things) (** Colourful things flying in the water)

The second part:
Oh noes! An ugly black slime monster! Can it stop you from saving the reef? Let's hope not. The monster will disapper anyway. Remove some black slime from the big rock so you can create beatiful sea plants. I explained the most what to do in the first part, so look there if your brain forgat what I told you. Once the meter is full you will complete the level. Also there will be a fish that has a really long mouth and are eating polyps in it's way!

The third part:
In this level there will be poisoned gas lecking from a barrel. If you get one of the skulls in a plankton it will die. So watch out! Just keep creating sea plants and watch out for the gas! And look out for the big grey fish. Just click at it to make it disapper, but it can come back.

The fourth part:
You really want that badge, eh? Anyway, this level is just to keep creating sea plants. And click on the fish with sharp teeths and the mini octopusy to avoid getting the polyps eaten. And the fish with sharp teeths might spitt out some poisoned gas from his mouth so click him away fast!

The fifth part:
In this level it will only be blue polyps, huh? But it still falls red and yellow planktons. You must drag some blue polyps to that hole with lava in the middle to the left! And if you wait a few seconds it will get out up near the archor but as a yellow polyps! If you drag it to the hole again it will be a red polyps! One plankton might look orange but it still wants a red polyps to make it a sea plant. There is a sea fish that looks like an ocotopusy, so click it away.

The sixth part:
More black slime! Remove some to create some sea plants. No polyps? Just click on the mussles under the rock and some polyps of each type will get out. And there will a really big ugly fish in this level. Just keep clicking it away so it doesn't eat your polyps. Also, there's a poisoned gas barrel too. You can scare the fish away with the gas when the fish opens his mouth. A green plankton is in this level, counts as yellow polyps.

The final part:
Ewwwwwwwwww!! This black slime monster again! Okay, this monster can do the following things: Shoot poisoned gas on the planktons you have planted, burp out poisoned gas. And spitt out black slime. Keep focusing and avoid the attacks he does. Be quick. After a few sea plants planted, a fish with come with a yellow mouth. Make sure it doesn't come near your planted sea plants because it can eat them up! Click him away as quick as you can! And when the meter is full, it will come that plant cannon and shoot some balls in the black slime monster and the monster will explode! Finally the reef is saved! Kongrats! You just got yourself 15 Kongregate points and a beatiful badge!


Anonymous said...

Do your research. If you've gone to school, you'd know that plankton are single celled creatures. Those are the little colored objects, polyps are the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Oh noes