Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Starland Multiplayer Tower Defense

This is a guide by Kryn for Starland Multiplayer Tower Defense

Starland Multiplayer Tower Defense

For about a week I
found it hard not to play this game. For those who like Tower Defense games,
this really is addictive… The idea is that there is a vertically-oriented
“battle-ground” in which 2 players share one of half each. Every round each
player has to fight a handful of different types of enemies and the victor is
decided by who is left standing (or who lost by the least)!

try to talk you through the basics and give you some information on the key
enemies and towers of SMTD (I insist on calling it such, as opposed to STD :D

The Gameplay:
Each round consists of 2 stages:
1. Building
Stage: This is where you build/upgrade your towers in order to best withstand
the incoming enemies! You can also choose to send out “Extra” enemies. Unless
your more advanced and know when you can wipe them out, don’t bother!
Attacking Stage: Just sit back and hope you did what it takes to repel the
incoming wave as you watch your towers fight for survival!

Here is the list of all the enemies you’ll have to face! Note that
their level (and therefore Health and difficulty to kill) depends on the level
you’re up to. Each level is made up of a couple of waves, usually one of each of
the different types of enemies.
Tip: To find out which wave you’re up to,
look under your list of towers to build and see the price of one extra “fiend”!
(Divide boss-prices by 20.)
- Normal: These are your favourite, average
speed, average health and can get slowed down.
- Fast: These are just like
the normals except, well fast! These can be annoying later on.
- Frost
Resistant: When it comes to not being effected by your freeze-towers, these can
be just as annoying as the fast ones, but not in the early stages when you don’t
use them.
- Flying: These ruin any solid ground-based strategy as you have to
take in account the enemies that fly right over your maze.
- Boss: These
vary, taking the form of all the above enemies.

This is
the list of Towers that you can use in order to stop the oncoming waves of
- Debris: These are the cheapest of all. Average Attack speed,
normal damage. Upgrade them fully to make “sniper towers” with HUGE range.
Prefect when both you and your opponent are making long “mazes” as you can
utilize both sides as a maze.
- Lazer: Very fast and decent-hitting towers.
Great against land and air enemies.
- Missile: Sorry – who ordered the
missfail launcher? No seriously, numerous people ues these but seeing as their
slow with average damage and they can’t hit air-enemies? No thank you.
Super Shockwave: This tower can hit as many targets that are on “land” and in
its small radius. Not worth the price I believe.
- Freeze: This one is great
later on when you need to freeze enemies to slow them down so that your “big
guns” do a LOT of damage.
- Anti-Air: This can only attack air-enemies and is
not that useful at first but later on down the track it becomes

Start off by playing intermediate to
higher-level players so you can see what a good maze is, and what an
in-effective one is as well. Start to learn about timing, because this is the
key to winning.

Once you have a good maze set-up, learn when to
place which towers. There are many options available to you so it’s a matter of
practice and preference.

~ Kryn


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Meh, Kryn didn't post any good mazes. I have a few that I like to use but I'll post them later.