Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mud and Blood 2

I have absolutely fallen in love with this game. It is updated constantly and if you visit the forums you can get your input in what changes are made. I recommend this game to anyone who has free time or wants some easy badges. You can play the game here. The hard badge involeves surviving through wave 50 with less than 11 casualties. This doesn't sound very easy but it really is. Just don't send out more than 10 people and you will be fine. I prefer using a spec ops with a BAR becuase he can do major damage. Snipers can be good but sometimes take to long to take shot. And officers are a must just for the concentrate fire when you really need to stop a certain enemy. Just try things out your way and have fun with it. And if you play now sometimes Santa comes strolling onto the field and if you are not nice (kill) him you get a ribbon.


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Anonymous said...

I got that achevement and got to the 3rd rank 3 times on 3 diff computers