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HP: 80
Physical Defense: 0
Light Defense: 4
Dark Defense: 5
Innate Ability: 25% chance to heal the first debuff you have in your stack.
General Use

Curse of Juju guarantees 20 damage against the enemy, but the damage takes place the turn after. It's great if you don't have energy for any other move. Hex is his real power move, dealing out 8x5 dark damage for 30 energy. Touch of Doom can be used as an intimidator at close range so that the enemy moves far into Hex. If Juju's health gets dangerously low, he can use Healing Touch to get his HP back up.

Juju's a pretty peculiar character to play. Low damage + healing make him somewhat tank-ish and a really slow character to play. It's easy to waste the enemy's energy by threatening with Touch of Doom. His moves are efficient, costing >= 30 energy for his main moves.

Suggested Items

Elusive feather: Juju has fairly strong defense with the exception of his lack of physical defense. This remedies that.
Death Mask: This lets Juju do a Touch of Doom, regardless of whether or not he dies.
Girdle of Iron Will: Lots of enemies will try to stun or interrupt you if they think you're going to use ToD. Wearing an Iron Girdle will get rid of this threat.

Notable Matchups

To be honest, I don't know any amazing matchups. The only one that could be remotely close to amazing is how Cornelius can destroy Juju.

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