Saturday, December 6, 2008

Review: Rage 3

Rage 3 can be found here!

Nice music, but it can get repetitive.

They are simple, but well done and suitable for the game.

The controls aren't the easiest, but they are ok. I'M RAGED! That's how the game goes. Just smashing your melee button and it's done.

Originality: Truly original to previous Rage games. Just smash them all. :D The shop is gone, but it is replaced with Arcade mode, which you can unlock by defeating level 2. Weapons can be found in the levels.

Some of the bosses are too hard. For example, level 2 boss takes couple of times to beat with only melee, and also it's not a good idea to just shoot around every time.

Overall: 3.9 A great game.

Just keep attacking, this game should be fairly easy to beat.


hokage4354 said...

I'm going to fix the format for this, if you don't mind.

This is really upsetting because yesterday I typed a review on Rage, saved it, and then found that it never really saved. Now I retyped it and just came back to post it only to see that you posted a review of your own. X,X

Can I add some more description while leaving your ratings? Your descriptions are sorta plain.

Anonymous said...

Okay, fine for me.