Monday, December 8, 2008

Cain Solomon

Screw the schedule, I'll just do these when I have time :P  Anyway, onto the guide


HP: 70
Physical Defense: 3
Light Defense: 1
Dark Defense: 5
Innate: When below 30% HP, moves do 50% more damage.

General Use:

Cain Solomon is fairly versitale.  He has a solid, close range move that can interrupt and a slow, long-range attack that can kill a lot of other characters in 2 moves.  Still, he's weak against characters that are resistant to dark attacks and his moves are somewhat slow.  Of course, slow moves are a two-edged sword when paired with his innate.

Cain Solomon's innate is useful.  A lot of people try to get Cain in his innate zone, but that's not helpful, especially since his moves aren't that fast.  Rather, what people should do is intimidate the enemy.  When the enemy can only bring you into your innate zone, that's horrible for you.

Suggested Items:

Phylactery:  That 30% chance to leave you alive can be deadly for the opponent, especially since your moves are slow.
Necronomic Tomes:  Adds to your already-powerful moves' attack.  However, it could possibly heal you out of your innate zone, so be careful of that

Notable Matchups:

vs Anex:  This one's pretty interesting since they both have the same innate ability.  If they're at their base health (70 and 70), then the range determines who wins.  If they're at far, Anex wins hands down, but if they're close, Cain usually wins unless Anex has a sharpening stone.

Other things:

Because of a bug called the host bug, Cain may or may not benefit from his innate if he's killed with a move of the same speed that he's using.

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