Friday, December 12, 2008

Aether Walkthrough

Here is a walkthrough for Aether.

On each planet there is a different challenge to do, this is how you do them.

1. Pink Planet (Gravida) - he planet is in a similar shape to the beast. Enter the ‘mouth’ to get to the ‘core’. Then lick the floating crystals without falling and landing on the ‘core’.

2. Dark blue planet (Malaisus) - Eat only the 9-worm like fish. Don’t eat the giant one or the ones in the background

3. Yellow Planet (Bibulon) - Stand on the four lower moons to make their orbits crash into the planet.

4. Green planet (Debrasa) - Spin around the little moons that emit the green glow onto the planet. You will have to spin until the moon explodes.

5. Blue planet (Earth) - Return to earth after you’ve completed the other planets.

Enjoy your newly earned 15 points. :)

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