Friday, December 5, 2008

Review: Mud and Blood 2

Mud and Blood 2 can be found Here!

Audio: I really like the sounds in this game, and the main menu song is good too. I really feel like I'm in a WWII battle zone.

I would totally give this rating a full score if they were realistic to match the audio. The graphics are still good nonetheless.

Gameplay: I am I fan of the game, and this is one of those great games where you can come back to it and still have fun like when you first played. I love how realistic this game is to the actually war.

Originality: This game is really original, no doubt about it. It's just a shame that this game is so underrated.

At first I thought this game was near impossible. After played for a while longer, I found some strategies that were great and now see that the game isn't all that hard as I thought.

4.2 An awesome game!

Tips: Save up is something you need to do the whole game along with pick up any packages that drop. Buy frags for all of your starting solders. Eventually buy a medic, then an engineer. Buy a trench and have all of your guys hang their. Then buy the bomb shelter and place it near the trench. Continue purchasing another few soldiers, upgrade your current ones, and by a gunner and a launcher. Be sure that your vital people are in the shelter (medic, launcher, and a gunner or two). Then buy a signal guy. Another trench. From here just distubute your solders thoughout each trench, and as stated, keep vital people in the shelter ahead of time. (This would be any medics, engeneers, signalers, captains, launchers, gunners, or high ranked soulders.)

I found a good thing to do in the trench formation is to have a setup like so:
Snipe, Tommy gun or gunner, injured soldier, medic, injured soldier.

If you have no injured men, then don't worry about who's near the medic.


EsIeX3 said...

snipers do worse in a trench, so the best thing to do is to put the sniper out of the trench. The enemy attacks the enemy closest to them, so it's best to put the sniper behind everybody and the trench anyway. If you want the best trench formation, make a T:

Soldier | Soldier | Soldier
Sniper/Spec Ops

hokage4354 said...

You seem to really be following my reviews. I just posted what worked for me, so yeah. >___>

EsIeX3 said...
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travis said...

i have played this game as well and i love it i dont think it should have such a bad rateing but it does because people expect to be good at a game the firs time and if they r not they dont try again but if you try at least 5 times get a promotion or a few ribbons i think you will rly love the game