Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kongai Vid

Hey guys, here's a video of a Kongai game I played. I used an Onimaru/Flash, Marquis/Necro, and Zina/DP deck. Contradanza used an Ambrosia/Tomes, Popo/Mask, and Yoshi/Gen's insig.

That Flash Powder saved my Oni's ass against Ambrosia. IMO I played horribly against that Ambro and I should have done way better, but meh. I forgot about spectral choke and didn't push far when I needed to. He made a couple pretty bad mistakes too, forgetting about spectral choke too and losing his yoshiro first.

BTW, I highly recommend going to youtube and playing this at high quality rather than normal quality. Everything is much clearer in high quality.

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