Monday, December 15, 2008

Dinowaurs Nearing Release

I got this email today:

Just like all your favorite horror movies, the Dinowaurs beta is back one final time...for vengeance. We're wrapping things up with Dinowaurs and we're having one final testing to try to iron out any remaining kinks. The game is 99% complete at this point, with only a couple of small tweaks and improvements left to make, so you can really kick the tires and see if you can make it break. We've also changed some balance things, made certain weapons more powerful, lessened others, added a cooldown limitation to the jetpack, stuff like that. You guys playing games and telling us how these changes feel to you is just as important as bug-finding.

Sorry if there's a couple of spoilers in there, but the important thing is that Dinowaurs is going to be released very soon now.

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