Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Death vs. Monstars

A new game on Kongregate that has been badged. By a developer which has brung us other games, but not so popular ones.

You're Death and you have to kill monsters upgrading your weapons and playing on different modes. There's also a To-Do List and you have to complete all of those to finish the game.

Quick review
I don't see the diference between many games such as these. They're all the same, you're a creature or a person and you have to kill different enemies which have different strengths. I think ZunderFury, Amourphous+... have a very big similarity to this game.

To-Do List
These are the levels, and you need to get an objective time or mark of points or kills to pass to the next level.

Shop and Upgrades
If you get some money you'll be able to buy weapons or buy some upgrades for your characters to have better abilities.

Last level helpful guiding video

Video by kongquake.


Username6 said...

Are you going to do a full reveiw like rate it and stuff or is it just going to be the little "quick reveiw?"

JaumeBG said...

Next time I'll try to do a review + video.

JudeMaverick said...

Reads like an instruction manual to me.

hokage4354 said...

Along with everything else on this site.

Thanks, I get it. :/

hipcheck said...

I think the video kinda helps.