Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Review - Shopping Cart Hero

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Alright, rather short review this time, seeing as its 11:17 PM at the time of writing, and I have to get up at six AM tomorrow for school. But enough about me, let's talk about this game.

As you guys already know, Shopping Cart Hero recently got badges and a challenge. At first glance, the badges probably seem hard. After playing the game for a mere twenty minutes, however, I had already achieved everything other than the hard. A mere ten minutes more, and thirty more points was mine. These achievements are really quite easy.

Now to get to the review part. As stated above, this review will be pretty short. In other words, this review is going to have about as much depth as the game it's reviewing.

The main statement I want to make with my review here is that this game lacks a lot of depth. It's just so simple, and boring. It's not necessarily a bad game, it just lacks depth. Now, some of you may say "Well, so does Tetris and Pac-Man, but they are all time classics!". Tetris and Pac-Man both have a lot of depth to them. A whole lot. Every game you play will be different with those games, and every player plays them differently. Also note you have to have skill to be good at those games.

However, with Shopping Cart Hero, nearly every player plays through it the same way:
1. Grind monies until you purchase all rockets, wheels, and tricks.
2. Do the tasks specified for the badges.
3. Close the game.
-3.1: Some players may, if they are really hardcore, try to go for a highscore, but since the game has badges highscores will be hacked.

Now that I've made my main statement on why I think this game isn't so hot, I'll rapid fire through the rest of this:

Graphics: 7/10 -- Rather simple, looks a bit hand-drawn (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Bland.

Sound: 2/10 -- Horrible. The only sounds in the game are the stepping of feet and the crasing or clanking of the shopping cart. Really could have done the game some good to include some music or further sound effects.

Replayability: 6/10 -- Depends on if you played it before badges or not. If you have played it after badges, and got them all, replayability is present, just not as much as other games. You may want to replay it on a rainy day just to get a higher score, it all depends on how you play the game.

Gameplay: 8/10 -- The core gameplay is actually really good (ignoring all lack of depth): Nice and simple, yet appealing and has a nice fun factor to it. If I counted the fact it has no depth, it would be around a six or so. The game just turns into doing the same thing over and over.

Overall: 2/5 -- I gave this game a 2/5 because of it's overall lack of depth and music and (In my case) replayability. That pretty much sums this game up, actually.

NOTE: I'm not trying to bash the game, I'm just giving my honest opinion on the game. Not all reviews have to be a 5/5 review, you know.

NOTE2: Well, I guess that wasn't so short after all, eh? I get carried away a lot.



deftonesjunkie3 said...

another good review, PI. i agree with you on most all points, and i was disapointed to see this get badges.

PlatinumIce said...

Thanks! :)

Always nice to get a comment. :D

Username6 said...

Good reveiw, i agree with all of it but the game is difficult for me ;_;

shopping cart said...

Its nice sharing and reviews about shopping cart and the idea of game i like that because it can be helpful for advertising it as well as fun.

Sopiko Adeishvili said...

Good reveiw, but for me shopping cart hero 3 just game