Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bible Fight

Bible Fight is a game from Adult Swim Games. A new developer to Kongregate that has only uploaded this game.

In Bible Fight the goal is to beat your opponent. It's a 1 vs. 1 game. You can be different religious characters.

Characters and their attacks
This games' characters are all related to religion as the game's title tells us. Each character can do normal moves (X and Z) or special moves. NOTE: The attacks will be reversed when looking left. Example: Down, Left, Z will be Dwon, Right, Z.
Here's a helpful image to all characters' attacks.

When you're against an opponent in Tournament Mode, you'll fight in different levels. There isn't any difference in fighting or controls, just difference in background. List of levels:
Garden of Eden (Eve's level)
Noah's Ark (Noah's level)
The parted seas (Moses' level)
The manger (Mary's level)
Hell (Satan's level)
Golgotha (Jesus' level)
Heaven (God's level)

Practice Mode
This mode allows you to play for fun. If you win you'll get the Bible Thumper Badge (Easy)(First win). If you lose, nothing happens.

Tournament Mode
In the Tournament Mode you play to win. If you win you'll get the Forgive Me, Father Badge (Medium)(Beat all your opponents). If you lose, you'll have to start again.

Beat your opponent in 2 KOs to win a battle. You have to kill your opponents with your attacks.
KO: A KO is beating your opponent once, not a fight.
Perfect Round: Get a perfect round by killing your opponent without getting yourself hurt.

Divine Prophecy Challenge (Card): Get this card by getting 5 KOs, that means, beat up 2 and a half opponents.
Bible Thumper Badge (Easy): To win this badge, go to Practice Mode and win one time with anyone against anybody.
Forgive Me, Father Badge (Medium): Go to Tournament Mode and beat all your opponents (including God) to win this achievement.
Losin' My Religion Badge (Hard): Beat Tournament Mode with the 6 main characters (excludes God).
Devil's in the Details Badge (Hard): Defeat Satan in Tournament Mode with 2 perfect rounds.

You can unlock god by typing JEHOVAH in the Practice Mode.
Or you can unlock him by being the winner of a tournament.
NOTE: You can't be God in Tournament Mode.

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hokage4354 said...

Satan is a religious figure. He is the figure of evil in Christianity.

JaumeBG said...

Thanks, I updated it now.

hokage4354 said...

Still a wonderful guides, helped me out a bit.

Focus said...

Doesn't help at all... it's more like an instructions manual. Also, there are two hard badges and one medium now (not two mediums and one hard).

hipcheck said...

when the badges were first put on the Losin my Religion badge was a medium.

Focus said...

I know. That's why I said 'There are two hard badges and one medium now.