Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfect Balance: New Trials

Perfect Balance: New Trials, by tttursas, is a continuation of the Perfect Balance series which consists of Perfect Balance and multiple other brick stacking games. This game is not a sequel to the original Perfect Balance, but an extra set of stages to play.

Of course, out buddy tasslefoot already has a video tutorial out on how to complete all of the levels. Video can be found below:

Along with this, ttursas is currently working on a version of Perfect Balance for the iPhone/iPod. The name of it is "Perfect Balance: Harmony" and a video preview can be found below.


Ville said...

Ah, Perfect Balance: Harmony (iPhone) is already complete, waiting for Apple's approval. ;) We are already working on the "sequel", Perfect Balance: Inferno (iPhone), which will also have over 60 unique, new trials.

And we are also working on Perfect Balance 2, both flash and iPhone versions!

Username6 said...

Wow, thats alot of work for you guys then. That makes me want to get an iPhone! Also, theres a new game called Perfect Ballence:Playground. Its pretty good, so one of you guys should get the jump on it so you get the reveiw faster than kong can get it to the front page!

Ville said...

Yeah, so many people complained that Perfect Balance: New Trials was difficult (like we designed it to be), so we thought younger people might want an easier version of Perfect Balance as well, and put that Perfect Balance: Playground together. ;)