Sunday, March 15, 2009

Portal Defenders

Portal Defenders is a game by BoMToons, a developer which has also brang us badged games such as Castle Crashing "The Beard".

In this game you have to defend yourself from waves of Developers, Animators and other people which are famous on NewGrounds.

Initial characters
I prefer Dan Paladin because he is faster. He gave me the 30 combo badge. Tom Fulp is slower but more effective. He also has more life, I was more time alive with him than with Dan. They are both good, though.

Level 1, Kitty Krew Killa: You have to beat up 5 people dressed as cats.
Level 2, Ashkinscrip 3 point OK: Kill the developers of the game! They are crazy and want to eat you, prevent that!
Extra Level, P-Bot Zambo: Cleaning time! Move around with P-Bot and leave everything shiny.
Level 3, Anim8tor Anarchy: Your character wants you to destroy the animators of this game. Help him with it.
Extra Level, Treasure Decoder: Jump on the buttons and get Crown, Cr*p and Thumbs up to get them all together and get extra life.
Level 4, PlzDntBan: NewGrounds wants to have you banned. Kill them to avoid it.
Level 5, Final Boss: Beware of Wodolf, he has lazors and minions and a moustache!

NewGround's walkthrough
NewGround guides us to their game with a useful walkthrough. Including introduction, controls, the players, etc.

Helpful video
Here's a video guiding you throughout the game with Tom Fulp.

Special thanks to kongquake.

Play Portal Defenders now!


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whats the name of the music track?? its damn cool!