Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Interview With Googoolyeye

Interviewee: Googoolyeye
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of Kong username: When I was 6, my dad made me an email and it was googooly_eye becuase I used to always say it. It kind of stuck, and I still use that email! =D

Favorite game on kongregate: Have to be Luminara or Pyro.

Favorite Chatroom: The Underground (World 1-2), although Impossible is Nothing is pretty cool too.

Favorite mod/admin: Mod: Razzi3l zaraki Marh Admin: matt

Favorite rock band: I never was too partial to rock music, but Disturbed is pretty good.

COD vs Halo: I’d say Halo, because the first two were awesome.

The best mmorpg: Runescape.

Which do you follow more, college sports or major league sports: I follow Major League sports more.

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Team: Golden State Warriors

Something no one on kongregate knows about you: Well, something no one knows about me is probably something that shouldn’t be known, right? I’m not in high school yet.

You are the host of KONG, what are your expectations: Hmm expectations…..I want it to not fail? I also hope that less than 5 people drop out for personal matters.

What can we expect from KONG: You guys can expect a competition put together by an over-worked teen. But put together well! I spent some time on it!

Any significant prizes?: Classified. Amount of kreds

How will KONG measure up against the other competitions: I don’t think it’ll be perfect, but I think I say it’ll do fairly well.

Is there any clear favorite to win KONG and why: No clear favorite, but I would have to say AecTalek right now, only because he’s not freaking out over Kongai, and he’s like rank 30 at it. He also made it pretty far in the Gauntlet. But anything could happen, you know?

Emily vs Jim greer, who wins: Emily Greer because she’s a wimminz.

If you could see any 2 mods fight who would it be and why: zaraki, because he has a hamsta army….and Marh, because he has a grue army.

How would you bust out of a closet in a super cool way: I’d find the Kool-Aid guys and he’d bust out “OH YEAAAHHH” and I’d be in his pitcher!

If 2s a company and 3s a crowd whats 4+5: 4 a riot, 5 an orgy.

If 2+2 is zaraki and 3+3 is Marh whats 3×2?: 3×2 is a drunk Kyru.

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