Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Interview With Tasselfoot

Interviewee: Tasselfoot
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of kongregate username:: the origin of my name is well known… from the Dragonlance series of novels. A character named Tasslehoff Burrfoot

What is your favorite game on kong: portal flash version… although i rarely replay any game. there’s enough variety to always keep me interested in something new.

What is the first game you have played on kong: 3d logic

Well you are on of the few to hit the level cap, what is next on your to do list: well, next on my list was to become a youtube partner, but i just accomplished that this week. so, i’m not sure. just to keep building my video’s popularity and keep working with developers and sponsors to make vids.

What do you do outside of kongregate: i don’t do that much else… i bowl a lot. and watch a lot of tv.

If someone were to make a movie on your life, who would be the star and the director: probably kevin smith to direct it… although it would wind up to be far more entertaining than it actuall is. to play me, i guess christopher mintz-plasse… everyone says he looks like me, and plays a dorky guy pretty well.

If rick astley were to rick roll you right now, what would you do: i’d tell him that we’ve known each other for so long. and that his heart’s been aching.

If you were trapped in a closet how would you bust out: with vanna white. or if nobody gets that reference… i’d look for the comb, fasten it with my shoestring to make a saw, and cut my way out… room escape style.

Who is your favorite level 65 user other then yourself: well jay bibby and i have a bit of a love-hate relationship… and he lets his staff members use their own referral links from time to time… so i guess OneMoreLevel. He’s an all around cool guy.

Barrel roll or ninja port?: i don’t even know where ninja port is from…. i guess i fail. so definitely barrel roll.

Ninjas or pirates: aliens

Kongbaby vs Greg: wtf is kongbaby? although i’ve met greg too… and i wouldn’t back him in a fight bs anyone.

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