Friday, May 1, 2009

Points Guide: Death Vegas

Within hours of posting my review of Death Vegas, I offered to write a points guide as well. Death Vegas has 80 points total, two of which are hard badges. I'll focus mainly on those, but I'll offer some tips and tricks to being an over-achiever for the medium and easy badges.

Hit Me! Badge: Score 21 hits in Target Practice Mode
Ah, now I get it. This badge is called "Hit Me!" becuase it's about Black Jack. And Vegas, and punching... You guys sure are clever.
Load up this training mode and play as someone who can dish out a lot of moves fast ( Westone, Zhong, or Joshua) and attack Helmut with the move that corresponds to the target on him. High for when it's on his head, mid for his gut, and low for the legs. He'll block everything else. Oddly enough, you can go into Hyper Mode if you'd like. You'll attack faster, but you'll have to blindly make a combo, hoping you'll hit. I'd advise against that.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker Badge: Successfully block 25 attacks in hyper defense training mode.
Rember that game Simon? Where you'd have to memorize the orders in which the colours flashed else the game would mock you with its loud buzzer? That's what were doing here for 15 points. Let personal preference dictate which character you choose; They all block equally well. Personally, I chose Westone, because it's fun to watch him fight himself. Memorize his combos, and block as best you can. Each time you block, however, Westone will get a bonus star, allowing more hits per combo. This is not a good thing. If you can pull off a perfect block, enter Hyper Mode with him. This may defeat the purpose of training, but you'll be able to get revenge (With a reward of him losing one star). Do NOT kill Westone though. It will end the training. If his combos get too long, fight back just once. It's a great tip that makes this badge a cinch.

High-Roller Badge: Deal 30 damage in Three-Hit Training mode.
This is, by far, Death Vegas's hardest badge. Clearing the story is really more an endurance feat. I mentioned in my review to use a character with a counterattack. Duff, Westone, and Lourdes are the characters with counterattacks, but if you feel comfortable with your favourite character, use them if you'd like. Joshua is your opponent, so you won't have to worry about his specials hurting you. Just focus on blocking first and foremost. His running attack is a mid attack, so you'll be holding down your left key a lot. After you block his attacks for a bit, you'll earn stars. When you have max, enter hyper mode and let him have it. Joshua plays like a level 10 difficulty; your combo will only hit with the last attack usually and he'll try and hit you the second it's over. Be quick on dashing backwards after your combo, and you'll be fine. When Joshua enters hyper mode, don't try to take him on. Just block his combo, and you'll have more stars for your own combo afterward. Use counterattacks to your advantage. Duff's is mid, Westone's is low, and Lourdes' is high.
Another quick note: If you're playing as a character with a slow, high damagaing move (Helmut's Haymaker, Westone's Tazer, or Onward's Pistol Whip), back away from Joshua to use it. More often than not, he'll try taunting you, which only takes away one star. If you can land a big hit, go for it. This is probably why I think Westone is the best choice for this. Use his counter attack for some extra damage. You'll have Joshua saying "Don't Taze me, Bro" in no time.

Full House Badge: Complete all 8 Story Chapters
Honestly, this is very simple Hard badge. Since the game offers a difficulty setting, you can put the computer level on 0 and breeze right through the story, earning a cool 30 points. I, however, slapped the difficulty on 8 and gutted my way through each chapter. So, instead of going over each painstaking moment, I'll give you a few tricks about each character so as to help. Otherwise, 0 difficulty will get you there without thinking.

Joshua: Taunting is there for a reason. Use it. Back away from your opponent and yell "Come on!" for a bonus star. Then let em have it when it comes to combo time. Use your running attack often. It does the most damage.

Buck: Lassooing opponents can be fun, but more often than not, you'll be open for an attack as soon as they get free. Use it more to stop Helmut's Haymaker attack. Be careful when fighting Lourdes. Her counterattack is an upper, and so is your running attack.

Duff: Duff has two great specials: A middle counterattack, and the quick, humiliating Tea Bag. This will be your first match against Onward, so be sure to use both these specials to your advantage. Get good with Duff, and anyone you play against will hate you.

Helmut: Slow, but powerful, Helmut has one of the best specials in the game: Drink. Back off after your opponent is hit, and take a swig. You can instantly block out of it too, so if you're in trouble, press out to block. Try to get a good haymaker hit in too. Especially against Onward. It does the most damage in the whole game. Ich Bin Ein Victor!

Zhong: Zip is worthless except for when Helmut backs off to drink. Stick with your basic moves, but that quick lower attack isn't bad. Careful against Westone as he'll try to counter it.

Westone: Probably the best story line in the game. You'll be able to fight well as Westone by now, most likey if you used him for the other badges. He moves a bit faster than other characters, so use that to your advantage. Back off for a good taser hit if you can.

Lourdes: Double slap is great. Two quick hits is better than one, so I found myself using it a lot. If you can, counter Onward's Pistol Whip attack. That'll really hurt him.

Onward/Dante: Possibly the two most fun characters in the game. It'll be a breeze to beat this chapter, since they have Pistol Whip/Cane Thrust. The Rib Breaker move is awesome if you can get it in. Just be careful when you do. You'll be an easy target if they block.

Hopefullly, that should help you out on getting those 80 points. Game reviewing will always be my forte, but keep an eye out for any more points guides I do. Good luck, and remember... *Sigh*

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


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