Monday, May 4, 2009

Guide Writer Positions are Available

With the recent lack of posts on KCG, and our poll results, I'm making 2 new jobs available- Guide writing positions. I updated the job listings on the site with some basic info about the job, but I'll elaborate more here.

Firstly, the guides must be for older games. Now, the term "Older Games" is very vague and can be interpreted in many ways. I define older games as "Games that have been given badges more than a year ago on Kongregate.", so that will be the determining factor as to whether a game is old or not.

The most important requirement is to be a good writer. I expect no less than the basic writing elements in your guides. More is appreciated, as long as it's not overly complicated for the readers or people following the guide.

A format is a definite helper when writing you guides. It's also required. If you look at some of our previously posted guides, you'll see that most (if not ALL) have bold headings and are well organized. Well, we expect something like that- neat and organized with headings and sub-headings.

The final major requirement is that you post a guide at least twice a week. Many people crave for a writers position, and we won't give you the privilege if you're not going to use it often. Sometime we'll let you slide with just one guide, but we'll still remind you that two is required.

As of right now, there are two open positions. I'll keep you all informed when they get taken and who got the jobs. Please apply, either by replying to this post or in this thread on Kongregate. A sample of your work will need to be present in order for your application to be accepted. Thanks for reading, and hopefully. applying.


Doctor_Autopsy said...

Let me know if you'd like me to pick up writing a few guides. I'll always love reviewing, but I don't mind writing guides.

hokage4354 said...

Doctor_Autopsy, I'd never forgive myself if I made you do more work than you already are. You're a great addition to the team who's already carrying a heavy load. I don't want to make you do more work.

I already have one guy who seems pretty good. I'll only ask you to as a last resort.

Doctor_Autopsy said...

Fair enough. :P

ljrules95 said...
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