Thursday, May 7, 2009

Music- Negatory or Hunkydory? Results!

You like the title of this post? I bet you do! :D
Along with our other poll, this was to find out about possible features to add to KCG. This time, it's a small music player at the bottom of the page. The majority of players voted "No" to this idea; "No" received 26/50 votes, which is 52% of everybody who voted. The "Yes" to this idea was rejected, with 24/50 votes- 48% of the voting population. A very close call indeed!- Now let's focus on the reasons on why each option is fine and dandy. (Each written as if a person who wanted that option was talking)

We should add music:
Who doesn't want free entertainment? I enjoy music, you enjoy music, we ALL enjoy music! And when reading guides on games?- It's a double whammy of epicness! A little music player, which you don't even HAVE to use can't hurt. I say we give it a shot.

We should NOT add music:
This is a game review and guide site for pete's sake! We shouldn't add the uneccesary to what's already good enough. "Don't try to fix something that's not broken." as my grandpa used to say. Do we really need some more lag and load time to the page? Besides, people can just play their own music rather than choose from a limited list. Focusing on other weekly features rather than music is more vital.

And to finish this poll, I'll remove the little music box at the bottom. It was a close call, but I honestly think we can make do without. That concludes this poll- and brings the birth of another!

Which feature do you think should be added?

There's a provided list to choose from as to which feature you want most. Here's a description of each option in case you don't understand them.

Staff Profile Section: Each member of out writing team will have a brief bio about them, as well as what they do on KCG.
"Hot New Games" Section
: An exact copy of the hot games on Kongregate. It will be updated as it is on Kongregate.
A Donation Box: This will allow users to donate to KCG so that we can eventually purchase a domain and host it their, with far less boundaries.
More badges in the previous badges section.
: Explains itself. We'll make it 50 previous badges instead of 25.
"Game of the Day" section: Each day a game uploaded that day will be featured here.
A place for fan-art.: If any fans send us fanart from Kongregate games, or about KCG, it'll be mentioned here.
None: If you don't like any of the options, choose this.

Please vote in that poll, and become a follower to KCG! Good night folks!

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JaumeBG said...

Staff Profile Section for the win!