Sunday, May 24, 2009

An Interview With DoctorAutopsy

My first interview with DoctorAutopsy. :)

Interviewee: DoctorAutopsy
Interview By: AbusedZebra

What is the origin of your username?: Haven’t a clue really. I’ve always been fascinated with medical sciences and I play piano for funerals for a living, so I’ve seen my fair share of dead people. What’s left to say but DoctorAutopsy? Plus I just think it’s a funny name.

What is your favorite chatroom?: I’m from General. It’ll always been my favourite room. Though The Abyss is a /very/ close second. I’m sure they’ll be let down to hear that, but I can love two rooms right? Right?!

Do you have a favorite game on Kongregate?: Knightfall. I still have the 3rd place All Time High score in Purgatory mode. >:3

Who is your favorite mod/admin?: - Checks Profile - Yeah, it’s still her. :P Don’t tell Welder.

Tacos or burritos?: Why not both? Taco/burrito pie sounds pretty good right about now.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not on Kongregate?: Singing, probably. That or writing. Or biking. Or sleeping.

Do you have a favorie user that is not a mod or admin?: He’ll probably give me crap about this, but I have to say Aeltrius. He stalks me around and calls me a bitchappple all the time. I do have a cult of stalkers as well and I love them as well.

Chuck Norris is coming towards you. What do you do?: Offer him tidings of a raw steak. If that fails, I’ll try singing to him. They say music calms the savage beast <.< Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise?: Is there a movie that both of them are in? I probably wouldn’t watch it.

What do you think is the coolest looking Kongai card?: The Promo of Blood Vial with the bats and spider webs. What, were you expecting me to name an Amazon because I they’re hawt? Think again!

Oh my God! It’s a dinosaur! RUN!: Don’t tell me what to do! – Is trampled -

Dr. Phil or Oprah?: Hm. Let’s get them to have a kid. I’ll watch that show.

What is (or was) your favorite subject in school?: Back in high school, I always loved English. Reading and writing is cool. Trust me on that.

Do a barrel roll!: - Mashes A Button – O.o

What is your favorite food?: Beets. Ask Noctu about that.

Do you love me?: - Hugs – Of course! I love every living being.

Pac Man or Tetris?: Hm. Let’s get them to have a kid. I’ll play that video game.

Do you have a favorite sport?: Lacrosse. Friend of mine gets tickets to Swarm games here in MN. It’s always a blast to go.

What is one divided by zero?: 42. It is indeed the ultimate answer.

Did you enjoy this interview? (Holds a gun to your head.): Yes. I did. And go ahead and shoot. Strike me down and I’ll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.


JaumeBG said...

Nice interview. I liked it and I'm glad you're in this blog too. :)

hipcheck said...

how come I'm not your favorite user? :(

Doctor_Autopsy said...

I thought that was implied, hip. <3