Sunday, May 17, 2009

An Interview With JudeMaverick

Interviewee: JudeMaverick
Interview By: Marh

Origin of Kong username: It came from a game called Wild Arms 4. I was going to switch it to like “pokemonfan1993” till John McCain inspired me to keep it.

Favorite Chatroom: Mockingbird County is the sh*t. Feed the Ducks suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck suck

Favorite game on Kongregate: Tough one. Rockettack. As classic as the Beatles. Just goddamn amazing.

Best experience as a mod: Idling while people mod-calls you.

Least favorite gaming system; you know you have one: I do?

Greg modded a thirteen year old, JudeMaverick, as one of his first mods. Would you consider this a grave mistake on his part? Wait, who the f*** is Greg McClanahan again?

Something we may not know about you: I am a tree-hugging but stingy yet freedom-loving but authority-loving liberal.

You’re one of our oldies, how has Kongregate changed from back when you started: We used to have lots of awesome developers like jmtb02. I talked to him one day about the amazing qualities of AS4 in Extreme Missile Defense X-Treme 3D and he said that whenever you get it right, it e-hugs you. jmtb02 and I are now working on a game where Sonic beats Mario but later Pikachu beats it. It’s gonna be a great game, I tell you.

When did rick rolling stop being funny: The better question is, “When did Boxxy stop being funny?”

Your favorite person on Kong to bug without mercy: AlisonClaire… or Ducklette.

arcaneCoder vs. arcaneCoder’s dark and devious clone, who wins: NicolBolas

Have you ever been viciously clubbed by seals: No. Remember that I am a tree-hugging but stingy yet freedom-loving but authority-loving liberal?

Your opinion on the current economical crisis in the Bahamas: Same with Kongregate; dey nedz moar gurlz

Favorite forum section: Kongregate. The closed threads are prepostorous:


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