Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cargo Bridge

A new and great game is here! It is called Cargo Bridge. This idea has been done before, but harder. This new bridge game has different things, such as wood boxes or some great cartoony graphics.

Your goal is to get the different material boxes to your house by making a well built bridge. There are different materials, sceneries, etc., which will make it harder for you.

Tasselfoot made these videos. Thanks again, :D.

I don't know if it's me, or there isn't any music. The rest of the sound is very well done, the sreaming, the bridges falling, etc., 0.7.
This game's difficulty gets harder and harder. The first levels are fun to do, but it then gets more frustating to try to beat the others, luckily, you'll get help by clicking the links to Tass' videos, 0.7.
In my opinion, the graphics are awesome. The bridges are very well done, so are the workers, etc.. What I also like is that if you do nothing on the main menu the workers play with yo-yo's, eat an apple and they also do many other things, which is great if you compare it to the same workers doing nothing and not moving. Great work in the graphics, 1.
The gameplay is nice. It's fun to try to make the bridges the best way you can and it maes you feel good when you've finished a hard level, 0.9.
About its controls. They are easy as you only have to use the mouse. As you might know, I love these types of controls, so, 1.
So the total of this game is... 4.3 / 5. I loved it. I fave'd it too. I didn't use to like such games, but I really liked this one.

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Ethan Vongsouthi said...

Thanks for the help! It helped a lot for me. I'll tell some other friends of mine to check out the game then your blog.
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low seeker
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