Friday, August 1, 2008

Challenge 68: The War Of The Future, Today Challenge

Ello, I'm Juice, and this is my review of the new badges for Age of War: the Field of Strife Badge, and the Age of Victory Badge. Also, I'll do a review for the challenge that goes along with it, The War of the Future, Today Challenge.

Field of Strife Badge
(easy - 5 points)
Train 100 units and lay waste to 100 enemies in Age of War

This badge requires no skill, just a small bit of time. Play the game normally and you should have no trouble with this. In my opinion, it is here only to introduce you to the game, (as most easy badges are), not to actually challenge you. Nonetheless, it is quite fun to obtain. How can you not love destroying the generic evil enemy?

Age of Victory Badge
(medium - 15 points)
Defeat your opponent in Age of War

This badge is good for people who actually want to finish the game. Personally, this one was hellish for me because this game is all about the turrets. Which means once you get about three upgrades, you don't do anything, besides the occasional click on a Super Warrior that lives just about long enough to take 300-500 health from the opponent (if played on normal difficulty).

The War of the Future, Today Challenge

The wars of the future will truly be an incredible thing to behold, for those of us who survive the wars of the present.

Futuristic Warrior – Live to see the future of warfare by surviving until the final tech level on "normal" mode.

Considering how this challenge is easier than the medium badge, there shouldn't be too much trouble attaining it. But, then again, when are challenges ever hard? Seriously, this isn't really a challenge, it's just a small time-consumer. Grind, grind, grind. Bang, slash, bleed, death, gold, experience, upgrade, repeat. And then...hello Amaya!

Overall, it's 20 easy points, and a card. This has been Juice!


hipcheck said...

Wow great job juice that was really fast. Impressive work.

Juice said...

Thanks, just tell me when I need to do more :)

zakia said...

Nice job. Hey, Hip, do you want us doing badges too?

hipcheck said...

Yeah I think we should do badges but to mainly focus on the cards. so juice can you possibly add the 68th challenge to this review? and zakia do you maybe want to do a character guide?

zakia said...

I'm not the best hardcore Kongai player, but I will try.