Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Review: Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2 is out, and features a new upgrading system, and tons of new evil bubbles for you to destroy!

Gameplay: A

Bubble Tanks 2 is not only fun and addicting, but it has a quick upgrading system and a huge cast of enemies to keep you entertained. I had fun sailing from bubble to bubble blasting away with my "Balanced Bubble Tank".

Graphics: A-

Though it's nothing flashy, Bubble Tanks 2 has a streamlined appearance which enhances your experience by that much more. The bubbles are well done, leaving you to focus more on those flying bullets than the background.

Replay Value: B

Though the different upgrade trees are nice enough, there's nothing special to keep me coming back. That being said, however, it's a fun game, and I certainly wouldn't mind playing it once in a while.

Presentation: A

It's a great, polished game, and its flaws are small enough so you can ignore them.

Final Grade: A-

Bubble Tanks 2 is a clean-looking, addicting game, and I wouldn't be too surprised to see a couple of badges or a challenge here.



zakia said...

Great job on you're first review! However, you should put presentation and sound in.

krick19 said...

The sound on my pc is like broken :p, but I'll try to get in presentation.

zakia said...

Ok. Sounds good ;)

Deathreape98 said...

You misspelled "Its" in the presentation. Its is possessive, It's is "it is".

krick19 said...

Lol, sorry, I got it.

Juice said...

Hey, Krick, I like how you use letter grades for your review.

krick19 said...

Hey, thanks, I thought of it right before I posted.

Anonymous said...

I think it is an addicting fun game with inor lag, but is worth it with all the fun. It has great tanks and a wide variety of tanks to select from. Overall, I give it a 8.5/10 (In letter grades an A-) for being a decent game with a great theme.