Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Card Challenge Predictions

Sup guys, EsIeX3 here. I'm not going to have a computer for the next 4 days because of vacation, but I still should be able to get something of a guide down for the character tomorrow (smartphones FTW).

Anyway, to the point of this post. Challenge cards. Right. This is only about character cards though, sorry if you want to know about items.

So far, the only character cards that haven't been re-released yet are:

Marquis le morte
Vanessa Voss
(could possibly be others that I'm not remembering)

So who's likely to get another release this month?

Likely Releases:

Tafari is pretty likely to get rereleased tomorrow. Yes, not just this month, but tomorrow. The last two item cards were the Yellow Rock of Cowards and Caltrops, which were items that had to do with switching. Tafari could likely be put in to follow suit with the last two items that were released.

Anex is likely to be released for underdog week, which starts august 11. Anex is definitely one of the most undervalued characters, with a decent hits fleeing move and a power move that will kill almost everybody if her innate is active (or if she crits with sharpening stone).

Marquis le Morte:

Basicaly, Marquis could get released for the same reason that Anex gets released: because he's undervalued. He has low HP and is really vulnerable to some characters.

Possible Release:

I actually wouldn't say Ubuntu's undervalued at all, but releasing him could make a "trickster" theme if Tafari and Marquis gets released as well.

Vanessa Voss and Zina:

Since Amaya just got re-released, we could see a Vanessa Voss and a Zina together that could fit an "attacks all enemies" theme.

And there you have it! This could really be an interesting month with card releases, and I'd love to see the items that they release with them.


krick19 said...

Has there been R1 Zina?

EsIeX3 said...

Shoot, I knew I was forgetting something. Looks like I need to revise my post a bit, because having an R1 zina changes things....

krick19 said...

Sorry, I forgot, there's been no R1 Ashi

EsIeX3 said...

Blah, Ashi would be kinda unlikely. Then again, she would fit with Bubble Tanks 2 (being a tank herself).

zakia said...

Bleh. Tiger claw.

EsIeX3 said...

okay fine, i was off a challenge :P