Saturday, August 2, 2008

Promo Cards

Hey, my first article is on the various promotional cards Kongregate has offered. These cards feature different art, but ingame, they're the same. They are normally released for holidays or events, so stick around and you might see a few.

PAX Tafari:

PAX Tafari is currently the only Promo card you can still get. At the PAX convention, Kongregate had a booth, and gave out real live PAX Tafari cards. They had codes on the back which allowed you to unlock the ingame version. They have extras and are giving them out here

Halloween Blood Vial

The Halloween Blood Vial was released on Halloween 2007, for one day only.

Valentine's Day Gem:

The Valentine's Day Gem was released on Valentine's Day 2008, for one day only.

Rickrolled Breastplate:

The rickrolled breastplate was the result of a funny prank by Kongregate on April Fools' Day 2008. They pretended Kongai was launched, but instead you got rickrolled. The challenge that day was watching the whole thing to get the Breastplate.


krick19 said...

Yeah, the images aren't working for me. How do you put them in?

zakia said...

Save them to the computer, then upload them, move them where you need. Don't use URL's

krick19 said...

Ah okay.

hipcheck said...

Good job Krick good pictures. Maybe you can do some reviews or something when you have a chance.

zakia said...

Dibs on monday's challenge! xD

hokage4354 said...

Although this is an old posts, I thank you for posting pictures of them since I don't have any, and a link of how I can still get the Tafari promo card. Thanks.